Treatment for substance use disorders often overlooks the important role that physical health plays in the recovery process. Because major health concerns, nutritional deficiencies, sleep disturbances, and many other biologically related issues can have a direct result on how individuals feel and progress in recovery, we are insistent that we have a clear picture of the physiological condition of our patients. With your permission, we will gather historical and current medical information, and our Medical Director will complete a thorough physical examination to ensure that we are addressing any physiological concerns that may be impacting you.

The use of medications can be vital in the long-term recovery process, especially when co-occurring mental health disorders are present. Our Medical Director and our Psychiatrist works individually with each of our clients throughout the treatment process to determine what medications are appropriate, and if the current medication protocol needs modification.

Our philosophy is that an appropriate medication regimen functions best as part of a more integrative treatment process.  Additionally, we utilize medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for substance use disorders to manage withdrawal symptoms as part of the detox process, or in craving management.

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