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Mental Health Disorders & Addiction

Encore understands that each person is affected differently by the complex issues of substance use and mental health disorders. We believe that achieving lasting recovery requires highly personalized care that addresses physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. We also know that individuals and families suffering from these conditions are experiencing great pain and require our intensive focus, most practiced skill, and deepest compassion.

Recovery & Beyond

Encore Outpatient Services helps its clients navigate the healthcare system to access and coordinate a complete continuum of healthcare. The ability to find specialized healthcare providers and coordinate their services to meet client needs is one of the greatest barriers to high-quality care. Ensuring appropriate ongoing care is crucial to maintaining recovery and quality of life. 

Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders: Work with you Encore Outpatient Services operates intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs for substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders in Arlington, Virginia. Encore Outpatient Services employs experienced, licensed psychotherapists and counselors, as well as a psychiatrist, who collaborate to provide each client with highly personalized health services to aid in entering recovery and reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions. We have helped thousands with alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Our Northern Virginia alcohol and drug addiction treatment program emphasizes the importance of thoughtful and attentive case management to help clients navigate the healthcare system and receive the complete range of treatment and services necessary to support recovery and holistic health needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle after treatment.

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