Addiction & Co-Occurring Conditions

Encore Outpatient Services in the DC Metro area treats addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. Encore is an experienced, licensed treatment provider employing a coordinated approach to integrated healthcare to restore physical and mental health and give clients a strong start in recovery. Addiction is a progressive disease that affects every aspect of individual and family life. The symptoms of addiction expose sufferers to many negative experiences and effects. Untreated, addiction is often fatal. Often addiction and co-occuring conditions go hand in hand. 

Mental health and substance use disorders go hand-in-hand. Unaddressed mental illness, negative life experiences, trauma, and physical pain may lead people to self-medicate and develop substance use disorders or addiction. Living with active addiction also exacerbates mental health problems and degrades self-image.

Treatment that addresses substance use and mental health disorders produces better outcomes. Encore evaluates clients to identify all physical and mental health challenges and devises a comprehensive care plan to address all conditions.