Our Story -Substance Abuse Treatment in Virginia

Encore Outpatient Services was born from the combined insights of experienced counselors living in recovery, and care providers trained in the latest and most effective psycho-therapeutic, medical, and wellness interventions. In creating our addiction treatment center in Northern Virginia, it’s founders set out to address crucial unmet needs in the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders, give clients and families a more comprehensive treatment resource, and help individuals better navigate the complexities of the healthcare system to achieve better outcomes. Encore is an example of what is possible when people with hard-fought knowledge and a passion to help others like themselves join with mission-driven healthcare providers to focus solely on improving client care. Encore prides itself on its understanding of what it takes to provides effective substance abuse treatment.

Few know the challenges of active addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders like those who experienced these conditions and were able to enter and sustain recovery. Critical insights gained by Encore’s founders as they sought and received substance abuse treatment helped to define today’s Encore program. Encore Outpatient is designed to improve upon deficits in the care continuum and to bridge gaps that put recovery at risk. Like many individuals and loved ones seeking treatment, Encore founders discovered these systemic deficiencies through painful personal experience.

Addiction treatment factors that contribute to successful outcomes are underutilized or difficult for many people to access. Throughout the country, the quality, intensiveness, and types of care available vary greatly by provider organization. Barriers to care effectiveness come from lack of insurance coverage, non-integrated or poorly coordinated care services, outdated beliefs about the use of medications, and a lack of clinical flexibility to achieve personalized care. Encore’s founders developed its programming to address these common problems in order to make better care available to its clients.

The Encore Outpatient program was developed to help people avoid the pitfalls that can prevent people from successfully finding and maintaining recovery and well-being.

substance abuse treatment

substance abuse treatment