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Addiction Treatment in Maryland

In close proximity to Virginia, West Virginia, and DC, Maryland has a total population of roughly 6 million people. Following suit with the region, Maryland has been a state greatly impacted by the opioid epidemic. Despite the prescription rate (45.1) being below the national average of 51.4, Maryland has suffered many deaths due to drug overdoses. Addiction can affect anyone regardless of socioeconomic class. Even traditionally well-off areas require treatment services. For example, addiction treatment in Bethesda, MD is just as necessary as anywhere else in Maryland.

Addiction Statistics Maryland

The opioid epidemic continues to rage on in the United States, specifically due to synthetic opioids. As mentioned, the prescription rates in many states have continued to be monitored and adjusted, but despite decreasing prescription rates (which does help), there is the issue of existing drugs and addiction within communities and states. In 2017, MD Governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency in response to the opioid overdose epidemic in Maryland.  

The 2018 statistics give context to a state that has seen tremendous casualties and suffering due to addiction to alcohol and drugs—particularly opioids. The efforts of the state have resulted in mitigated negative outcomes, with 2018 ultimately seeing a stabilization of deaths over the prior decade which was volatile. 2015-16 in Maryland experienced the state’s largest single year increase in overdose deaths at a staggering 66%.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the state and the local Maryland communities, 2020 saw a marked increase in overdose deaths—18.7% (2,499 deaths), or 393 more deaths than in 2019. This information comes from the Executive Director of the Opioid Operational Command Center. 2020 in general has resulted in increased rates of addiction, overdoses, and relapses due to the global crisis at hand presenting unique and difficult social and economic pressures.

If one thing is clear, now more than ever, help is required. Whether you are in need of addiction treatment in Bethesda—a well off community in the richest county in MD (Montgomery County), or a county that is not as well off, there is a need for addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment in Bethesda, MD

Maryland itself is a state desperately requiring addiction treatment services. The state is part of a greater region in proximity to D.C., where rates of addiction and substance use disorders are some of the highest in the country.

At Encore Outpatient Services, we often talk about how addiction spreads within communities like the disease it is. And like all diseases, they do not know state or city boundaries. We provide service to a tightly knit region in and surrounding D.C. Many people from D.C., Northern Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland, visit Encore Outpatient Services for our dedication to providing top-tier addiction treatment with an emphasis on:

  •         Addiction and co-occurring conditions
  •         Dual-diagnosis
  •         Recognizing the importance of assessing and helping family systems
  •         Trauma treatment
  •         Psychotherapy
  •         Psychiatry and medication management

And more.

Naturally, part of our service area includes providing addiction treatment in Bethesda MD. Encore is uniquely poised to help the “tri-state” region (while D.C. is not a state, its metropolitan area is certainly similar).

D.C., Maryland, and Virginia have all been impacted by the opioid epidemic heavily. This is something we have seen statistically, and of course—in person, through our experiences in addiction treatment.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, entering in recovery is not only possible, but par for the course for our treatment outcomes. Contact Encore Outpatient Services today to get started.

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