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Addiction Treatment Center focused on treating substance use disorders through highly individualized care to lay a foundation for long term recovery

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Encore Outpatient Services is an addiction treatment center in Arlington County (Arlington, VA) that offers partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and general outpatient treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Encore also offers general outpatient programming for mental health challenges, process addiction, and trauma. Offering these various levels of care at one location and with one dedicated treatment team enables Encore to offer treatment to patients who are in various stages of change and recovery, and supports a fluid transition in the continuum of care as patients transition from one program to another.
Substance Use Disorder


Our addiction treatment center in Arlington, VA offers PHP, IOP and GOP treatment to meet a wide range of client needs and assist transition through levels of care.
PHP - Partial Hospitalization Program

If you do not need residential treatment but require more services and care than typical outpatient treatment provides, Encore's Partial Hospitalization Program offers structured programming at a more intensive level.

IOP - Intensive Outpatient Program

If you need initial treatment or supportive care after detox or residential treatment, this flexible program is available during the day or evening.

Whom and What We Treat

Encore treats substance use disorder, commonly referred to as addiction, and co-occurring mental health disorders
with flexible programming to address the needs of adults, including professionals with busy careers, and young adults.

Substance use disorder and mental health conditions are progressive, complex disorders that affect every individual and family differently. Encore takes the time to understand the multifaceted physical and mental health implications of these challenges and develops holistic, personalized therapies to help people enter lasting recovery and restore physical and mental health. 

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Addiction and mental health disorders are interrelated. Living with these conditions affects every aspect of one’s life, relationships, health, aspirations, and opportunities. Thorough assessment and testing help to identify the complete range of issues affecting patients to inform a more complete and customized care plan.

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Our addiction treatment center in Arlington County is able to diagnose and treat complicated cases of substance use and mental health disorder. Our treatment team is accustomed to working with individuals, families, and networks of specialized treatment providers to provide the level of comprehensive and coordinated care needed to initiate recovery and develop a continuum of care. 

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Addiction is truly a family disease. Encore incorporates the family into the treatment process. Our clinical team educates family members about their loved one’s addiction, teaching them how to support recovery and seek their own treatment and support. 

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“I am fortunate to consult with a talented clinical team that takes time and invests energy in the process and practice of professional growth so that client and family care can be of the highest quality.” – Alex
Encore is an out-of-network provider and works with a variety of available insurances.

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