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Family Systems Therapy

About Family Therapy

Addiction not only has devastating effects on the individual misusing drugs and alcohol, but it also typically has a negative impact on the family dynamic. Family therapy and systems theory—conceived by psychiatrist Murray Bowen in the 1950’s—is about looking at how families operate as a system and how diseases such as addiction can interrupt that system.

If the whole system is affected, it follows that treatment has a much greater chance of success if the family is directly involved in the healing process. It is a widely shared belief that, regardless of the origin of the problem and whether the patients consider it an individual or family issue, involving families in solutions benefits patients.

Types of Family Therapy and Family Counseling

There are several types of therapy to consider:

  • Supportive Therapy: This type of therapy creates a safe space for family members to share their emotions and get the support they need from other family members.
  • Family Systems Counseling: This type of therapy focuses on targeting mental health problems with each family member and focusing on the strengths of each member of the family.
  • Narrative Therapy: This therapy approach focuses on each individual in the family sharing their unique story, their pain, and their problems to help bring healing.

About Encore’s Family Therapy and Family Counseling Services

At Encore, our clinical staff evaluates not only the patient’s needs, but also those of the family. Encore engages the family in treatment in a variety of ways including multi-family support groups, regular communication with primary therapists when appropriate, and involvement in treatment and discharge planning when appropriate. If ongoing therapy is indicated, Encore utilizes an extensive network to recommend an appropriate therapist for the family in their community.

At Encore, we customize treatment to meet each family’s specific needs and goals, implementing a host of evidence-based therapies as appropriate.

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