We believe that the initial (and ongoing) evaluation process is one of the most important services Encore Recovery Solutions provides. Too often, treatment is based on a brief snapshot of information that does not take into account different aspects of one’s history (i.e., family, social, medical, developmental, prior treatment, etc.) and the degree to which important life events affect how an individual reacts to and copes with a variety of experiences. This approach typically leads to an overly simplistic understanding of the complex processes that contribute to addiction and a host of co-occurring mental health issues. Subsequently, well-intentioned, evidence-based interventions often fail to address important factors that contribute to illness, which ultimately limits treatment effectiveness and falls short of expectations.

The evaluation process is ongoing and continues throughout treatment. Clinicians, clients, and families continue to monitor progress along treatment goals and priorities on a daily basis. We collect and track this data to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and adapt the treatment plan when necessary. Many current recovery programs do not consistently monitor the effectiveness of treatment, working hard to execute rigid protocols and modalities that are not working for one reason or another. At Encore Recovery Solutions, we vigilantly assess programming and adapt treatment as needed until we find the right combination of therapies and supports that drive long-term, sustainable healing.

In addition to our standard assessment protocol, some individuals may require testing to gain a more nuanced understanding of their cognitive abilities, personality, and social and emotional functioning. In such cases, comprehensive psychological or neuropsychological testing will be conducted by Encore staff, or an appropriate off-site clinician. For more information on our evaluation and testing, please contact us or call (703) 436-8158.