Addiction, substance use disorders, and co-occurring mental health conditions are exceptionally complex medical issues that affect every aspect of a person’s life. We cannot possibly solve or address every single problem facing our patients and families, but we believe strongly that our community can. Arlington, Virginia and the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area are home to some of the most educated, experienced, and talented professionals in the world. We have a host of top rated universities within walking distance from our public transportation system, and we offer a richness and diversity that is virtually unrivaled. Job opportunities in the DC area are plentiful, the recovery community here is vast, and the area is home to one of the highest concentrations of the millennial generation in the country. Our Washington DC drug rehab works to connect its clients with the area’s vibrant and supportive recovery community as well as medical, educational, and vocational resources.

Our approach to care is one of customization to the individual’s and family system’s specific needs. This necessitates a flexibility and access to resources that can only be achieved via a large network that extends beyond the walls of our offices. Encore Outpatient Services maintains relationships with local universities and employers to create opportunities for our patients. We work closely with members of the recovery community to ensure our patients can develop a sober support network and social outlets that are in harmony with their own recovery. We seek out and contract with specialists as needed when our patients require a service or clinical approach that we do not offer.

Since the strength of Encore is drawn from our surrounding community, we would be remiss if we did not contribute to our community through service. Our leadership is involved in local, state, and national organizations focused on policy, advocacy, and the breaking of the stigma that surrounds substance use disorders and behavioral health. We encourage our patients to engage in service and volunteer work to enrich their lives, develop skills, connect with others, and give back.

Outside of our local community, our work in family consulting and interventions through Chris Bennett Interventions has resulted in our having hundreds of working relationships with the best residential treatment providers around the country (as well as specialists of all types, in all levels of care). If our patients require a higher level of care from what we offer, or a service that is not offered at our drug rehab in the Washington DC area, we can rely on our trusted network of providers and will refer to them as appropriate.