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Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

“Dual-diagnosis” is a term used to describe the presence of an addiction or substance use disorder (SUD) and other co-occurring mental health conditions.
It is not unusual for patients seeking treatment for substance misuse to present with depression, anxiety, mood and personality disorders, eating disorders, unaddressed trauma caused by negative life experiences, and other mental health conditions. Attempts to self-medicate the symptoms of underlying mental health disorders can lead to the misuse of substances. The lifestyle and mentality of people with addiction also exacerbate mental health conditions — leading to a damaging self-reinforcing cycle.
Oftentimes, dual diagnosis treatment may be different based on the client’s needs. Treatment can range from an inpatient to an outpatient basis. An addiction treatment specialist will review your history to evaluate maladaptive behaviors to help develop an individualized treatment plan for each person’s specific needs
Successfully treating SUDs requires the identification and treatment of all relevant co-occurring disorders. The diagnostic process for these interrelated conditions can be complex and may require more than an initial assessment period to identify all conditions. While living with a dual-diagnosis can be challenging, recovery is possible. Our dual diagnosis treatment in Arlington, Virginia is proof of that.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Arlington, Virginia

Those with dual diagnosis disorders often require a treatment program with clinicians trained in both areas. According to SAMHSA, an estimated 8.9 million Americans live in a dual-diagnosis disorder. However, it was also reported that fewer than 7.5 percent of those who enroll in a treatment program can effectively address those disorders each year. Fortunately, Encore Outpatient Services in the DC metro area uses a therapeutic alliance and collaborative case management to effectively identify and provide dual-diagnosis treatment in a comprehensive way to achieve lifelong recovery.

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Dual-diagnosis treatment

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