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Psychotherapy for Addiction

Each client at Encore Outpatient Services receives individual addiction psychotherapy from highly skilled master’s level clinicians. Our therapists have expertise in treating a range of issues including – but not limited to – substance use disorders, trauma, grief and loss, attachment, mood and anxiety disorders, and self-harm and suicidality. The frequency of individual sessions varies depending upon needs, ranging from every day to once per week; however, the beginning phase of treatment includes more intensive and frequent individual work in order to develop a tailored treatment plan in an efficient and effective manner. 

Psychotherapy for addiction can also help clients get to the underlying root issue of their substance use disorder and learn new coping skills to mitigate triggers that may lead to relapse. By attending individual and group psychotherapy sessions clients can learn to safeguard themselves and adequately handle anticipated triggers that may present themselves in the real world. These triggers may include but not be limited to:

  • Stress from work, life or anxiety.
  • Environmental stressors including frequenting past places of use.
  • Social stressors and triggers including being around friends or family a person may have used with.

At Encore Outpatient Services, individual therapists are an integral part of a larger interdisciplinary treatment team made up of a psychiatrist, primary therapists, holistic practitioners, and specialized skills coaches. The individual therapist meets with all members of the team multiple times per week throughout treatment to better understand our clients and their needs from multiple perspectives; to collaborate on individualized treatment planning; and to monitor progress across therapeutic goals.

Psychotherapy in Arlington, Virginia

Treatment is not a one-size- fits-all approach, and we believe individual psychotherapy provides the foundation of our personalized treatment model. This intimate relationship allows the therapist to not only understand clients’ problems, but also the unique story that explains how they find themselves in their current situation. In contrast to practices that focus on symptoms and addiction as discrete and disconnected issues, our mission is to understand all aspects of the individual, their environment, and their story. For more information on our individual therapy and Arlington drug rehab, please contact us here, or call (703) 596-3063.

Addiction psychotherapy