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Addiction Treatment in Washington DC

Washington D.C. is the capital city of the United States and home to many important historical events and national landmarks. With a population estimated at around 705,749, Washington has the 6th most populated metropolitan area in the country with roughly 6.3 million individuals living in the surrounding areas of Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. Despite the fame of the region, Washington D.C. is much like many other similarly populated regions. There are many great things to see, do, and opportunities to pursue in the city. There are also shortcomings as well, such as the very high rates of drug and alcohol abuse within the city which merit the number of behavioral health programs providing addiction treatment in DC and surrounding areas.

Addiction Statistics in DC

Non-residents of DC are surprised to hear that the nation’s capital is suffering from such rampant substance use issues, but that speaks volumes to how addiction can sprout anywhere, within anyone, given the right circumstances. It is an illness, one which can be treated.

Washington DC suffers from high rates of addiction and is greatly impacted by the nation’s opioid crisis. Enough so that public awareness projects around addiction and recovery—such as MyRecoveryDC, are an important initiative undertaken by the relevant authorities.

Some interesting statistics offered by the MyRecoveryDC program:

  •         1 in 10 residents of the District suffer from an AUD—or alcohol use disorder. This number is 2x the national average
  •         1 in 8 have a substance use disorder
  •         Since 2018, opioid overdoses in DC have doubled, with 2020 seeing 411 OD deaths.
  •         94% of these overdoses involved the drug fentanyl—a potent synthetic opioid which is often laced into heroin and other drugs

To provide context, the NIH determined that in the US in 2018, 67,367 overdose deaths were reported. The presence of fentanyl in the country has only grown stronger since then and many communities are worse for wear as a result.

The need for addiction treatment in DC, like much of the country, is pressing and should be a priority. Due to the nature of addiction, comorbidity or dual diagnosis is quite common, and mental health treatment is often intertwined with treating the addiction.

Addiction Treatment Adams Morgan, DC

When looking at the need for addiction treatment in DC, trendy and populous neighborhoods such as Adams Morgan may not come to mind, but perhaps they should. It only makes sense that areas which have a vibrant nightlife scene may also conversely serve as zones where addiction—especially alcohol addiction may develop.

Naturally, many people enjoy nightlife—bars, restaurants, clubs, etc, without issue. However, the question of when a weekend binge becomes dependency is tricky and highly individual. Nonetheless, addiction treatment in Adams Morgan, DC and the rest of the metropolitan area are highly necessary.

Encore Outpatient Services offers addiction treatment in DC and the surrounding metropolitan area such as Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Encore Outpatient Services specializes in:

  •         Addiction & Co-Occurring Conditions
  •         Dual Diagnosis
  •         Addressing Family Systems

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