Alumni Community

Alumni play an important role in the recovery process. Once their own recovery has been stabilized they can help others achieve the same. They are the living embodiments of the truth that recovery is possible. Alumni have lived through active addiction and are recovering from it. Their experience provides both hope and inspiration.

Helping others suffering from the same disease tends to strengthen their resolve in turn. This is the power of the recovery community. The ultimate stage in 12-Step programs involves carrying the message of recovery to other people with addiction and alumni events are the perfect vehicle for that task. Alumni activities reduce the likelihood of relapse for people in long-term recovery and fortify the resolve of those who have just started on their recovery journey.

Encore’s Alumni Program offers alumni support through weekly meetings as well as social events that provide a fun sober community. For more information and details on Encore’s Alumni Services, please reach out to 703-596-3063.