Encore Outpatient Services in the DC metro area provides comprehensive addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder treatment services. We emphasize holistic, individualized care that addresses the interrelated physical, mental, and spiritual health needs of clients with dual diagnosis disorders through our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Encore uses evidence-based practices, employs experienced clinical staff, and provides extensive case management that helps clients access high-quality coordinated care.

Thorough and thoughtful medical and psychological assessments are used to develop integrated care plans that act as a roadmap for the coordinated clinical services provided by Encore and other specialized healthcare providers. Encore’s clinicians are skilled in multiple psychotherapeutic techniques to provide a client-centered therapeutic approach to care. Encore is also adept at diagnosing and treating trauma and negative life experiences as well as some high-acuity mental health disorders. Family programming is a core focus of Encore Outpatient Services programming, and clinicians work to restore relationships, help family members find their own care, and educate family members to play a supportive role in their loved one’s recovery.

Physical fitness and wellness services are also offered. Therapeutic yoga, massage, and mindfulness help clients process trauma, learn new ways to manage and reduce stress, and restore physical well-being.