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GOP – SA – General Outpatient Program for Substance Abuse

Encore provides addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment through its Arlington, VA General Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). An intensive outpatient level of care consists of at least 3 hours of treatment three days per week. Encore’s IOP bundles a variety of outpatient treatment services and provides structured programming while maintaining the ability to customize care. These programs meet the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s (ASAM) level 2.5 and 2.1 criteria for IOP services.

Patients in Encore’s General IOP  receive evidence-based care for their addiction and co-occurring disorders. Treatment services are delivered by a multidisciplinary team of addiction specialists who use a variety of modalities to address the unique needs of each patient. Treatment modalities include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy. If someone you know is struggling with addiction, please call us to receive education about their addiction and co-occurring disorders, relapse prevention, and life skills training. Encore’s General Intensive Outpatient Program  is designed to help patients develop the skills they need to live a sober and productive life.

The Encore treatment facility is an evidence-based program that provides care in the GeneralI OP for people with addiction and coexisting disorders. Services are delivered by a multidisciplinary team of specialists who use various modalities to address each patient’s unique needs; these include individual therapy, group counseling or support groups (e .g., family sessions), as well life skills training aimed at helping patients prepare themselves before they can return home after completing recovery from chemical dependency

Patients undergoing recovery at The Encores will receive psychiatric Medication Management Therapy which entails closely monitoring medication levels while teaching self management techniques so individuals don’t slip back into old habits.

If you are struggling with addiction or have a loved one who is, please call us. We can provide information about how to get help for their disorder as well as life skills training so they don’t slip back into unhealthy patterns without support from specialist professionals like ours!


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