How We Work with You

Encore believes in the power of integrated, coordinated care. Lack of interprofessional communication is a common problem in today’s healthcare system and may undermine the effectiveness of patient care. The Encore Team works to coordinate and cooperate with all members of the client care team and other professional service providers. Ensuring cohesive communication reduces repetition, avoids the use of ineffective strategies, reduces conflicting and confusing clinical advice, and maximizes the use of effective patient interventions.

Encore works diligently to include and integrate records, impressions, and advice from past and present treatment providers. Our treatment team includes, but is not limited to, individual, family, and group therapists, a psychiatrist, and various adjunctive skills coaches and holistic therapists. Maintaining clear communication is good for patients, and easier for providers. While all members of our team may communicate with outside providers to aid in holistic client treatment, only one or two team designates will communicate with each professional to streamline exchanges and improve consistency.