Encore Outpatient Services Virtual IOP (with select in person optional services) and Primary Contacts

Current Offerings: We provide IOP services for individuals 18 and up. Groups are virtual. We are offering two additional in person groups, which clients may attend for in person support. As always, we have the additional individual services included as part of our IOP, these services may be accessed virtually or in person, up to the client.

Admissions and Intake:

  • Assessment and Intake can be completed in person (ideally), but virtually as well if requested

Current Group Offerings:

  • Encore has two general cohorts in IOP; a day and an evening
  • Day:
    1. Monday 10 AM – 1 PM Psychoeducation Group
    2. Wednesday 10 AM – 1 PM S DBT Skill Group
      – This is broken into two further groups based on time in treatment
    3. Friday 10 AM – 1 PM Gender Specific Process Groups
  • Evening:
    • Monday 6 PM – 9 PM Gender Specific Process Groups
    • Wednesday 6 PM – 9 PM Psychoeducation/DBT Skill Group
    • Thursday 6 PM – 9 PM Process oriented Recovery Group
  • Optional In Person Groups:
    • Open to all clients regardless of cohort
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 AM – 1 PM – material is reflective of clients in attendance needs
    • Must pass COVID-19 screening to attend
  • Breakthrough Support Group: Tuesday from 5:15-6:45pm via WebEx, Facilitated by Betsy Auray

Individual therapy: Clients meet with primary therapist 1-2 times a week for 50 minute individual sessions. These sessions take place on non-group days (Virtual or In Person)

Recovery Coaching: Clients meet once a week for 30 minutes with support staff to discuss life skills and recovery engagement in the community (Virtual or In Person)

Psychiatry: Clients meet with Psychiatrist as needed and requested (Virtual only)

Nutrition: Clients meet with Registered Dietitian (RD) as identified and recommended from Nutritional assessment at beginning of treatment. Our RD specializes in Eating Disorders (Virtual or In Person)

Family Support: Provide family support and education as identified for each client

Finances: Encore Outpatient Services is an out of network provider with all insurances. Encore will run benefits before admission to provide a cost to client and/or family reflective of expected reimbursement. Please call for more information. If this cost is a barrier to treatment, there are opportunities for financial assistance based on need. Our cost is all inclusive for all services.

Encore Outpatient Services’ Approach: Encore treats substance use disorder through a trauma integrated approach.

Primary Contacts:

Carrie Sue Geiger – Admissions Specialist 703-436-8158

Shayna Daghigh – Program Director 703-879-4784

Kim Ragan – Clinical Director 703-348-6372

Tom Walker – Executive Director 571-237-2697