Academic Advising in Addiction Treatment

Young adults in today’s society experience many challenges related to their educational experiences. Whether difficulties began in elementary school or at a prestigious university, a decline or failure in academic achievement can prove to be stressful and potentially debilitating. Many of our clients are motivated to achieve educational success, but would benefit from additional support, resources and academic advising. Encore’s academic coaches work with our clients, to acquire transcripts, support retro-active withdrawals, complete applications, prepare for interviews, ensure appropriate study habits and test taking skills, and monitor progress. Our academic coaching and addiction treatment program are geared to help our patients achieve success.

Educational Support in Arlington, Virginia

When handling substance abuse disorder, it’s important to address the issues at hand. However, our educational support and academic advising services for those in our addiction treatment program can help bridge the gap between a student life and learning how to keep sobriety a priority. For students that have been in college for some time, for those just looking to enroll in school for the first time, our academic coaches in addiction treatment can help each student get back on their feet and pair education with sobriety.

Encore Outpatient Services in Arlington, Virginia raises the bar in addiction and dual-diagnosis treatment services. Through Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP), Encore’s licensed clinicians and Academic Coaches help young adults and families develop personalized treatment plans and gain skills needed to live a productive life of recovery.

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Encore Outpatient Services operates intensive outpatient and partial
hospitalization programs for substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders
in Arlington, Virginia. Encore Outpatient Services employs experienced,
licensed psychotherapists and counselors, as well as a psychiatrist, who
collaborate to provide each client with highly personalized health services to
aid in entering recovery and reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions. We have helped thousands with alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Our Northern Virginia alcohol and drug addiction treatment program emphasizes the importance of thoughtful and attentive case management to help clients navigate the healthcare system and receive the complete range of treatment and services necessary to support recovery and holistic health needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle after treatment.

The founders of Encore Outpatient Services were passionate about helping
individuals and families and eliminating the stigma that prevents people from
seeking care. Our staff of mission-focused and compassionate caregivers ally
closely with clients and their loved ones to facilitate lasting change to
promote a lifetime of recovery.

Clients receiving treatment through Encore’s intensive outpatient and
partial-hospitalization programs receive thorough biopsychosocial
and nutritional assessments, as well as a psychiatric assessments, if indicated,
to determine addiction history and current treatment needs. Our
assessments also determine contributing factors, maladaptive behaviors, and
underlying health problems that may have contributed to the addiction in the
first place. Personalized care plans and aftercare plans are developed to
address the issues identified through assessment, and these plans are updated
and optimized throughout treatment as new or different symptoms and issues are
discovered or arise. Our clinicians deliver
therapies geared toward client needs, organize wellness services to support
holistic care and coordinate with other specialized care providers when needed
to give clients a holistic approach to overall healthcare. The integration of
multiple healthcare disciplines and therapeutic modalities is important to
treat the interconnected symptoms of addiction and mental health conditions.

Academic advising