Case Management

Exceptional case management can make treatment more successful.

Case management is the process of helping clients access appropriate healthcare resources. Navigating the healthcare system can be complicated. It can be difficult for patients to know which services they need, how to find the best-suited providers, arrange appointments, manage medications, and self-manage care. Coordinating the many services that may be required to treat mental health conditions can be especially challenging. One’s need to manage their care can itself become an unnecessary source of stress.

Experienced and informed healthcare providers that take time to align client needs with high-quality treatment resources can make the delivery of care more efficient and effective. Case managers also help to manage the expectations of clients, family members, and other members of a client’s care team.

The Encore Outpatient Services team understands the value of proactive case management and strives to develop a helpful, lasting relationship with clients and families to facilitate quality care and lasting recovery.